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Do you want to start of the new year healthy? And would you like more information about subjects as training, nutritioning (including supplements) and relaxation?
We’re organizing a 3-hour clinic that can give you a kickstart!

On this day we start with the basic concepts of fitness. Trainer Wesley Verwoerd will take you along and teach you the essentials, such as: the importance of using your core, your stability and mobility and he will go through a number of exercises including the squat, the deadlift and a number of upper body exercises.

Subsequently, Jip Blommestein, Orthomolecular Therapist of Studio Reset, will give a lecture about improving health through good nutrition, adding various supplements and/or herbs, reducing stress and toxic load and possibly adjusting environmental factors. We end this clinic with a short yoga and meditation session with Luna Meister.


Date: 28th of January
Time: 12.00 – 15.00
Costs: €60

Does this sound like something for you and do you want to participate? Buy your clinic directly in our webshop, fill in the form below or email us: cursus@eastboundgym.nl!


28 january 12:00-15:00

Register now for only € 60,-

    The introduction classes are not included in the regular group class membership. Unfortunately it is not possible to catch up with missed classes or to exchange your classes with a different course. It is also not possible to receive a (partial) refund of the costs if you, for whatever reason, are unable to attend a class. The intensity of the classes are much lower than that of the regular classes. So no need to worry, you will start sweating soon enough!