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strength & conditioning


The strength & conditioning classes are aimed at increasing physical strength and improving your physical condition. This full body fitness class consists of: a good warm-up, a technical part in which you learn to perform the exercises correctly, condition exercises and a lot of attention is paid to mobility and stretching.

Depending on the group size, the workout is done in circuit form, station form, high intensity interval training (HIIT), WOD or individually. We work with our own body weight, kettlebells, slam balls and dumbbells, but will also sometimes use the Olympic bar.

Each training is composed by certified trainers. One thing is certain: in this always surprising class you will be continuously stimulated and challenged to bring out the best in yourself, both physically and mentally. Whatever your goal is, these classes will make you fit and strong!

The class is accessible to all levels. Training is preferably done on sports shoes that are only worn indoors, but training barefoot is also allowed.

If you practice martial arts, this class can be a perfect addition. Martial arts places a wide range of physiological demands on an athlete. You will have to take into account flexibility, speed, strength, endurance and explosiveness. At Eastbound Gym you can go for boxing, kickboxing and fitness. In all these branches of sport, a good strength and fitness level is an added value for your training.


Register online for a trial lesson!


You can register for our group classes via the VirtuaGym app. It is mandatory to register in advance for all our group classes. This is possible from 7 days prior to the class you want to take. When you become a member at Eastbound Gym you get a personal account with which you can sign up for classes. Download the VirtuaGym app for free to register even easier.  You can sign up for a trial lesson via this link or by sending an email to balie@eastboundgym.nl


Register online for a trial lesson!