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Every day of the week we offer kickboxing classes in the form of technique lessons and bag training. Are you a beginner in the field of kickboxing and would you like to have the basic techniques explained to you first before participating in our group classes? Then our introductory course might be something for you! Click here  for more info.

To keep the training sessions as fun and varied as possible, the structure of our lessons differs. However, the classes always include the following parts: a warming up, stretching, technique, strength and cardio exercises, and a cooling down. We practice the techniques with pads, on the bag and with each other. In the advanced lessons we almost always spar, so a mouthguard is mandatory for these training sessions. Sparring always happens under the guidance of a trainer and sparring to the head is always optional.

Women must wear at least 12 oz gloves in these classes and men 14 oz or heavier. It is also mandatory to wear hard shin guards.




You can register for our group classes via the VirtuaGym app. It is mandatory to register in advance for all our group classes. This is possible from 7 days prior to the class you want to take. When you become a member at Eastbound Gym you get a personal account with which you can sign up for classes. Download the VirtuaGym app for free to register even easier.
You can sign up for a trial lesson via this link or by sending an email to balie@eastboundgym.nl


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