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In this class you will learn a mix of ground fighting (techniques from wrestling and grappling) and stand-up fighting (techniques from boxing and kickboxing). We practice the techniques together and there will also be light sparring. Sparring always happens under the guidance of the trainer and sparring to the head is always optional.

For these classes you need MMA gloves. If you have forgotten your own gloves or if you do not (yet) have them at your disposal, you can rent them from us at the bar.

This class is accessible to all levels and is for recreational users.


BJJ / Grappling

BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu) and grappling are self-defense sports that became popular with the emergence of ground fighting techniques used in Mixed Martial Arts and are best known from the UFC. The goal of BJJ/grappling is to gain a dominant position over your opponent. Using specific techniques you want to maintain this dominant position in order to eventually win the grappling exchange by means of a ‘choke’ or ‘joint lock’.

The concept of the sport is that a smaller “weaker” person can use these specific techniques to defeat a larger “stronger” opponent. This makes the sport very accessible to everyone. The workout itself can be performed relatively safe at a high intensity. This class is also for all levels.


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You can register for our group classes via the VirtuaGym app. It is mandatory to register in advance for all our group classes. This is possible from 7 days prior to the class you want to take. When you become a member at Eastbound Gym you get a personal account with which you can sign up for classes. Download the VirtuaGym app for free to register even easier.  You can sign up for a trial lesson via this link or by sending an email to balie@eastboundgym.nl


Register online for a trial lesson!