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If you want to make rapid technical progress, 1-on-1 training is the most efficient.
At Eastbound gym we have a team of certified and qualified trainers. Each and every one of them is happy to help you improve your strength, conditioning and techniques. The private classes in kickboxing or boxing last one hour and can be taken individually or in a small group. The time, intensity and level of the training will be according to your wishes.

The rates for personal training vary from 65 to 80 euros per session. When you purchase a package, the price per session goes down. The longer the commitment, the cheaper the price per session becomes. The price mentioned is an indication, as each trainer has their own hourly rate and package prices.
The rates are therefore subject to change.

Send an email to balie@eastboundgym.nl for more information or fill in the contact form below!


    Juanito Hessen 


    Kevin van Rooijen 


    Raymondo Hansler


    Mayari Mailoa


    Ilse Twigt


    Saad Touijar


    Alejandro Galan


    Jim Heij


    Thomas Plunkett


    Emile van Geelen


    Hesdey van Assen


    Yasin Guren


    Filip Telting


    Anass El Charouti