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Nutritional advice

Nutrition advice

In addition to being a personal trainer, Jordy Supusepa is also a certified weight consultant. In addition to working out, he also helps people with nutritional advice and guidance their journey. Good nutrition can help you improve your athletic performance. Thinks like lowering the fat percentage, increasing muscle mass and also improving / speeding up the recovery. 

All this is tailored and adjusted to your needs, based on the intensity of your training and your lifestyle. In addition, all dietary requirements and allergies are taken into account when he makes your personal tailor-made meal plans. So everybody gets customized help. The combination of weight consultation and personal training is also possible! This way you always have the best results!   

You can turn to Jordy for the following advice: 

  • Nutrition and sport 
  • Overweight and underweight 
  • Injuries 
  • Vegetarian food and nutrition
  • halal nutrition 
  • Bodybuilding and nutrition 
  • Customized eating plans
  • Mealprepping
  • Recipes 

Jordy can be found in the gym almost every day due to his group lessons and personal training sessions. 

The weekly walk-in hour takes place every Friday evening from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Book  your spot of 15 minutes via the VirtuaGym app, you will not lose any credits this is completely free!  Of course you can always address him directly for an appointment! Furthermore, he can be reached by phone, via e-mail, or via the form on the right! (coming) See you soon! 

  Jordy Supusepa | Supu Sports Amsterdam   m: +31627124478 e: supu.sports@gmail.comwww.personaltrainer-amsterdam.com

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