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Nutritional advice

Nutrition advice


Let us introduce! Starting January 2023 you are very welcome at orthomolecular therapist Jip Blommestein from Studio Reset!

Orthomolecular therapy is a natural medicine, in which improvement of health through a change in diet, the addition of various supplements and/or herbs, exercise, reduction of stress and toxic load and the possible adjustment of environmental factors are central. Your health gets a reset in a natural way!

What can Jip do for you?
Orthomolecular therapy can be approached in many different ways. It can be used preventively, but also when you experience complaints or health issues. You can have a preventive check-up to find out the status of your body for example. But if you suffer from certain complaints, the cause of this will be investigated focused on these issues. In both cases, Jip guides you through this personal process.

Complaints can be, for example: fatigue, muscle pains, physical complaints, skin problems, mental problems, digestive complaints, hormonal problems and allergies. But can also be having trouble gaining or losing weight.

Through various tests it can be measured what is going on in your body. This includes blood checks and stool and saliva tests. With an examination you can find out, for example; whether you are sensitive to certain foods, the status of your hormones, the functioning of your liver, kidney and/or pancreas, your omega-3 status and how your intestinal flora looks. Almost anything is possible!

However, a good 1-on-1 conversation with Jip often already goes a long way. She investigates the cause of your complaint or guides you through your check-up, and writes an extensive, tailor-made advice.

Are you curious if this is something for you? You can always send Jip an email with questions by mailing info@studioreset.nl, or you can come by for a (no-obligation) 10 min conversation at the practice in Eastbound gym on Tuesday evening from 6 to 7.

If you want to drop by we ask you to register via email.
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