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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements between you and Eastbound Gym, on the basis of which you can come and work out with us. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, they will also apply to future memberships at Eastbound Gym.

The persons associated with and connected to Eastbound Gym can also rely on these general terms and conditions. A connected person is understood to mean: the employees, partners and trainers of Eastbound Gym.

Eastbound Gym has the right to (unilaterally) change the ‘Terms of Use’ at any time. If this involves a radical change, you are free to terminate the agreement that forms the basis on which you can exercise with us. In the event of a change in the general terms and conditions, Eastbound Gym will, in any case, ensure that you can take note of the latest version of the general terms and conditions and that you can also save them.

If we make new agreements after you have agreed to the original terms and conditions, and one of these agreements conflicts with a provision of the terms and conditions, then our agreement will prevail. In that case, the provision of the general terms and conditions will be set aside.



You can sign up for a membership by completing the registration form on our website or by purchasing a membership online. Your registration is not complete until you have also signed these general terms and conditions.

If you are under 16 years old, you can only register with the consent of one of your parents.

You guarantee the correctness of the (personal) data that you provide to us for the purpose of registration. Consequences of inaccuracies are therefore for your own account and risk.

Eastbound Gym is free to decline a membership application. One reason for Eastbound Gym to do this is, for example, is when we do not think it is wise for you to come and exercise with us due to health reasons.



When registering, you indicate which membership you choose and you agree to the corresponding rate.

If we adjust the applicable rate, we will always ask you to agree. If you do not want to agree, you are free to cancel your membership.

Payment of the membership fee is made by direct debit. You give us permission for this when you register. You pay the amount in advance and will be debited around the first of the month.

During your membership at Eastbound Gym you must be in possession of a card. This costs €5. In case of loss or theft, you must purchase a new one.



The desired membership has a minimum duration of 3 months. After the expiry of the three months, your membership will be tacitly renewed.

You cannot change the membership for the first three months. After this period you can do so and is possible to change every month. If you send an email to balie@eastboundgym.nl before the 24th of the month in which your desired change will take place, the change will take effect on the 1st of the following month (unless you want the change to take effect at a later date).

The above also applies to the termination of membership. In other words, you cannot cancel your membership for the first three months. After that you can cancel the membership every month by sending an email to balie@eastboundgym.nl before the 24th of the month with your name, informing us of the cancellation itself and the reason for cancellation. The cancellation will then take effect on the 1st of the following month (unless you want the cancellation to take effect on a later date).

If you have used the January 2023 promotion where you received a free personal training, you have entered into a year’s subscription at Eastbound Gym. It is still possible to terminate your contract (before the 24th of the month before the month after) within the year, but when you chose to do so, you agree that the personal training (worth 65 euros) you have received must be paid back in full to Eastbound Gym.

Eastbound Gym can cancel your membership immediately if you misbehave while exercising, for example by using disproportionate force when sparring, using verbal abuse or displaying any other type of behavior that does not belong in the safe and sporty environment that we want to offer to our members. We think it is very important that everyone feels comfortable while exercising. If we cancel the membership for these reasons, we do not owe you any compensation.

When entering into membership you also agree to our no-show policy. After being absent three times or canceling within 2 hours before the relevant lesson, a fine of 10 euros will be charged. This will be charged again for each time you are absent after.



Eastbound Gym works with the Virtuagym online portal and the accompanying Virtuagym App. As a member of Eastbound Gym, you are required to book classes via this portal or the App, and to check in with your Eastbound pass at the desk prior to class.

If you decide not to come to class, you must cancel this class yourself via the portal or the App. If you do not do this, Eastbound Gym will register you as absent. If you are absent three times, Eastbound Gym will charge a fine of €10. After this, each new absence is a new fine of €10. 


You give Eastbound Gym permission to use your e-mail address to send you newsletters with updates and latest news about Eastbound Gym.


Eastbound Gym is in no way responsible or liable for damage to or loss/theft of your belongings that you take with you when you exercise.

Working out with us is entirely at your own risk. Eastbound Gym is not liable on any (legal) basis for any form of damage or injury caused before, during or after exercising at Eastbound Gym.

Any liability of Eastbound Gym is limited to the amount that Eastbound Gym’s insurance pays out in the appropriate case.

Eastbound Gym is never liable for indirect damage, including but not limited to: consequential damage, lost salary, lost profit and damage due to business interruption.

A liability statement directed to Eastbound Gym does not suspend your obligations under the membership. In other words, if you hold Eastbound Gym liable, you remain obliged to fulfill your payment obligations.


We have a number of house rules that we ask you to adhere to. They hang in the gym so that you can always see or read them.


Dutch law applies to the general terms and conditions and everything related to them.

Disputes relating to the general terms and conditions or the agreement(s) that we conclude with each other and everything related to or arising therefrom will be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.